Why Club Volleyball?

156072_610495492414182_731042717016819158_nJunior volleyball programs have exploded all across the country.  The first AAU National tournament was held 30 years ago, and only 20 teams made the trip.  Last season, there were more than 100,000 registered junior players in the United States.Why this incredible growth?  There are many factors, but the overall growth of women’s sports programs is important.  As women’s collegiate programs have prospered, the level of play has increased greatly.  The average level of ability of junior players has increased as well.  So successful are junior program athletes that most NCAA Division I coaches recruit exclusively from the junior program ranks.  The reason for this is simple.  Coaches can see many solid prospects in a single day at a junior tournament, while it is difficult to see more than one prospect a day during the high school season.

This becomes even more true with the NCAA rules governing the number of times a collegiate coach can contact or observe in person a given player.  Is junior volleyball only for the college bound athlete?  Certainly not!  Our program begins at age 4. Who can say whether these kids are even headed for college at all, let alone to play volleyball?  For most of our members, junior volleyball is simply another challenging experience which should lead to a lot more fun on the court as playing skills increase.  Playing for college teams is far from the minds of most our players.  Traditionally, nearly half of our program has been comprised of players in the 16 & under age division (freshmen and sophomores).  In most cases, these players have recently been exposed to high school programs and a higher level of competition than they have previously experienced.  Many new applicants are freshmen team or junior varsity players who are trying to move up a level for next season.  We have a training program designed to help them do just that.

We can help, but much of an individual’s advancement and improvement is still up to that individual.  Athletic talent, size, speed and good work habits are all necessary for top success as an elite player.  Players who lack in any of those qualities have to make up for the deficiency in one area by working harder to improve another.  If you’ve got a sincere desire to improve, then you will do well in a junior volleyball program.  In conclusion, club volleyball is a great place to meet friends, sweat a lot, get lost trying to find gyms, and feel good about yourself.  If you want to experience that, consider joining us season!